Mother Nature

Mother Nature

What a timing, Mother’s Day has recently passed and I am writing this blog to celebrate the other important Mother in all our lives that is Mother Nature. Our lives are evolving so fast and our technology has come a long way. Day by day we hear a lot about calamities near and far, thanks to our ability to communicate around the world in minutes. Shocked and surprised, yes indeed, but the question is what are we doing to solve or even try to understand what’s going on with the world that Mother Nature has given us to live. I feel as if there is a tantrum from above that is saying ‘Enough is Enough”. “I have given you this place, a beautiful place for you and your families to live, to enjoy and to grow but why are you destroying it. I have created a place that will allow for lasting memories that you won’t forget”.  Yet, what I see is all hurt that we inflict upon the land given to us by Mother Nature.

I recently traveled to the Philippines and I was amazed by how serious the people are contributing to the care and preservation of nature. Plastic shopping bags are being replaced with paper bags. No more plastic sent to land fills, no more plastic in the lakes, streams and oceans. They also clean up there rivers and lakes for everyone to enjoy. I amazed how things had changed .  Shopping over there I noticed If you have a lot of non plastic alternatives to carry groceries and retail products. They have a paper and fabric bags which can be purchased for a little cost that you can re-use it over and over again. Some use paper or cardboard boxes. Others simply do not provide bags forcing people to provide their own. Here very few retailers offer paper or cardboard boxes but most still supply plastic bags. It’s a small change but a small change can make a huge difference with our environment.  Imagine no more plastic bags floating in the air or caught in the branches of trees or ending up land fills. I can honestly say I have yet to walk outside a not see a plastic bag within 20 to 100 feet from my door. Sadly, I have not mentioned plastic wrappers or packaging. That is a whole conversation in itself.

I once came across an interview in which Melinda Gates was saying that each and every one of us has to contribute to the wellness of our world. It can not be only a few people, or rely on the government we have to do our ways to help the best we can to make it happen by making changes. Yes, this will change our lives and yes this might make things inconvenient or awkward at first but I totally agree with her view on this subject matter. Change does not have to radical or all at once. Simple changes over a period of months and years can occur that will allow all of us to adjust in our lives and in our business. Let’s face it the two major factors that prevent changes are our resistance to change because we are creatures of habit and the idea that such changes would disrupt business and possibly lead to economic problems. That’s not true. Economic changes occur all the time with both positive and negative effects may of which the average person never see or simply accept. Changing with proper planning and implementing a stable transition to change would cause a little but very manage change that would see prosperity and reduced costs. We spend more and more to have natural foods and water yet we don’t change the reason as to why were in that mess in the first place.


We are all living and enjoying this world that was given to us by Mother Nature and if we want it to be a world that we want to continue to love and enjoy for our families and for the generations of our families to come  then we all have to contribute in taking care of it. Fair enough right? But no, some of us don’t really care at all.

Talking about our world and Mother Nature. It’s no joke and its certainly not a cliché. We have to be serious and we have to take real action to changing and correcting our mistakes. Don’t wait until a disaster happens before you act on it.  You have heard in the news about pending flood, tsunamis and earthquakes. We take steps to prevent them, deal with the outcome and find ways to reduce the tragedies that they cause because we know how devastating they are.  So why are we not taking seriously, even ignoring it or worse denying it. When this becomes a serous problem, it will be too late to react and to costly to our lives and our world. We can all contribute in our own way. We all in together so maybe begin now before its too late. What are we hearing now, that the earth is getting hotter. It is becoming a problem now but we can take steps to change that. Simple steps. We are each one person each able to make a simple set of changes and if the 7 billion plus individuals work to take care the most important place in our world we will prosper, we will better our world and we will better our lives and the lives of those to come.

Here’s are a few simple things that we can do to start as individuals and as a society.

  1. Plants are natures filters. They help filter our air. Invest in seeds or bushes or trees. Grow them in your home, in your backyard or your balcony. Grow some vegetables or fruits. Growing them at home can reduce stress, reduce some of your grocery costs and add to air quality.
  2. Make it a habit to bring bags for your groceries. Plastic bags need to be removed as they are draining on our environment. Keep a few in your car in case you forget you can just get it from your car or buy this little pouch that you can use and very fashionable .
  3. Dispose of your garbage, recycle as much as possible, paper, plastic, glass and compost. Every community, township or city has these programs in place. There is much work and its an easy adjustment to anyone’s lifestyle.
  4. Always maintain cleanliness whether at home or at work. Throwing trash in a bin and not on the ground doesn’t seem like much but if 7 billion people didn’t throw trash on the ground but in the proper container’s world pollution would be reduced by a sizable volume.
  5. Give back to the Mother Nature. Ride a bike, walk, car pool, reduce using Air conditioning and conserve water. In Canada alone a population of just over 30 million people waste millions of dollars in house hold energy and water costs lost running equipment, appliance and taps. Simply look at as money that you are just throwing away that could have been spent towards bettering your life.
  6. Increase awareness of the danger of not taking care of the environment to our children and teach our children how to live better with less pollution and less waste. If we continue to ignore these issues, we won’t have a place to call home for future generations.
  7. Mandate our governments to impose on builders and developers mandatorily incorporate trees and green space in all developments with plants and trees to help decrease the noise and pollution as well as reduce the heat loads that are ever present in our concrete world. This would help to reduce some of or energy consumption and the pollution associated with generating that energy.
  8. Mandate Schools to included in their curriculum lessons on gardening to teach the youth the importance and establish the awareness of taking care of our world. Teaching children the simple joy of gardening will help to increase their respect for our world and impart and understanding of the consequences of not taking care of our world.
  9. Limit the over consumption and wasting of food. Many of us are throwing far too much food into garbage’s and composters. This is just adding to growing garbage problem and draining our resources.
  10. Water pollution, we need to stop, not reduce not make gradual changes but stop dumping garbage be it waste liquids, foods, chemicals, solid matter contaminants  into our lakes, streams and oceans. This includes our sewers. Most of our water comes from these places and have been recycled again and again and will continue to be recycled. Water is the one substance that we cannot live with out yet we go to great lengths to pollute it. Most of us go through life never having tasted pure in filter, non chemically treated water. It would be great if one day our world could go back to drinking just natural water.

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