How to Catch a Monkey

It is not what you think, Read on…..

It was Sunday again and there were a lot of people inside and the service was starting. The service continued at the same pace and in the same style as before.  I felt as though the service would be the same as last week. I tried to keep awake but the fact I had slept around 2 am wasn’t helping. Then my ears suddenly caught the Deacon referencing in his sermon “The story of How to catch a Monkey”. My curiosity arose, my attention was fixed on the Deacons words. My desire to nod off faded as I started to listen, I was awake, I wanted to hear the story.

The glimpse of the story was describing a simple point, that for you to catch a monkey it was not a complex procedure.

He said that a monkey upon finding food would not let go of it, once he had put its fingers around it. He will be trapped and you will able to catch him. If he bite in to the trap you set for him to be caught, his life will never be the same again. He cannot move on or go forward. It was important for him to get the fruit you entrapped him into than anything else in his world. If this apply to our daily lives, to compare in life we hold on too much on the materials things that has temporary fix for happinness. Not realizing the things that matter the most.

In life,

We are like that same as the monkey in this story.we tend not to let go of the possessions, feelings or emotions that we feel are overly important to us. We fall into the trap of being stuck, not able to move on because we are not willing to let go, and because we tell ourselves that we cannot let go. In doing so we are in a cage. A cage that we have created. A cage only we can set our self free from by simply letting go. That trap doesn’t stop there. We blame others for our mishaps and failures. We are quick to blame others rather than to look at our selves and examine what actions should have been taken to not get caught up in the “trap”.

In this metaphor

The monkey represents us and the results of getting caught is the life we chose in which we are not willing to release our grip. We hold on to too many things in our lives. We end up getting stuck and not able to see the world around our selves. Like the monkey in its desire to grab the fruit, the monkey forgets to look around to see what matters to it, to know if he is safe and recognize that its ok to let go of the fruit. Instead the monkey is caught. We hold on too much to one thing, a person or a belief, missing the opportunities in life. Its easy to say, “let go”, “give it up so you can move on”, “its not important”. For those who have not been or who have not experienced or lived in other peoples shoes its not so easy.

I have had those moments

I have been the one to say “let go”. I have also been the one told to “let go’. It can be so difficult and yet it can be so simple. If you are having difficulty in letting go, then start by just backing off, reduce time spent on dwelling on it. Don’t act on it. Take a step back, take a breath, take two, take three. Just let the situation unfold and you may be pleasently surprised how it turns out. Allow yourself to calm down, allow yourself a chance to look at it from a different point of view. Hear what others around you are saying. Set your emotions aside and clarity will begin to appear. It will not be instant, and it may mean making changes. But changes are how we grow, how we evolve and how we learn to be better individuals.

For example:

Our children. We have had far more experience then they have had as we have lived longer. We have suffered, we have succeeded, we have felt pains and felt happiness. Yet because they are our children we tend to protect them too much because we believe that we know better. We don’t let them do all the things they want because we have experienced it for ourselves and so they rebel more from us. The more they rebel the tighter we try to hold onto them. We don’t want them to get hurt, we don’t want them to suffer. Yet how did we learn, did we listen to our parents? Did we not rebel or push away because felt like that piece of fruit being held tighter? We need to let go. We need to relax our grip. It doesn’t mean giving up. It doesn’t mean not caring.

What it means….

is that we allow them to move forward and we assure them that we will be there to help, we will be there to advise, and we will be there to catch them if they fall. So, they can learn for themselves and learn to trust our judgement.The same can be said about an object or a feeling. Things have different valves to different people as do beliefs. Things can be replaced while beliefs only leave you when you end the belief. Are the lives around you, the family, the friends or your personal safety less important than a possession? Are you willing to relinquish everything for a possession? Would that possession be able to help you, care for you, see you through good times or bad? It would not.

The Deacon had related though his story that we often hold on to something that we perceive as very important to us, that we forget the other people around us that are important to us. I saw the truth in the Deacons story, we tend to not let go of the things that we love so much that we forget that to fully understand we have to it LET GO! In doing so we tend to care less with small stuff and deal with people and issues that matter the most. We start to enjoy life better, involve ourselves in life more and being to discover how wonderful life can be along with all the lives that interact with our own. We truly live life to the fullest. This is the truth that I saw in the Deacons simple story, this is what woke me, and this is what I want to share with you.

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