Welcome to our blog section. Here you’ll find some interesting subject that will give you some thinking and probably a smile. If we get a smile then i can say my job is done here or its worth writing. I’d like to inspire people in this way at least i can give some ease or happinness to someone. We all have experiences in life goodd or bad but when you relate to your own its hard not to pass. Hope you enjoy the reading.


Love who are you?

It's Valentines day.Its a celebration of love and happiness.


Karma's A Bitch

This is a story that has a touch. Every episode is a good one to watch because it reminds us to not give up regardless what life brings us.


How to Catch A Monkey

This is a story of how to let it go when its times that you have no choice but to just walk away.

How do you deal with change?

Change is a difficult process. None of us is immune to change. If we want more in life .

health is wealth

Health is Wealth

With everyday responsibilities in our life we neglect to care much about the most important thing which is our Health.

Be a Little Kinder

Be a little kinder with our mother nature. This is our home and the home of many generations to come.