HillsviewCafe is an online grocery store dedicated to hard-working Canadians by offering a different experience when shopping for food and grocery products. Our goal is to be able to help people in our community in making the right choices when it comes to food and health. HillsviewCafe offers a variety of goods that we tested and used on our own kitchen. HillsviewCafe is on a continuous journey to explore different types of food from different cultures. At HillsviewCafe we are combining different experiences with lasting impressions that we hope to satisfy your curiosity when you visit us online or at our store.


HillsviewCafe’s mission is to be able to help people by reducing homesick feelings while discovering this beautiful land with the familiar tastes of home along with the great tastes found locally. We want our customers to interact with each other discovering new ideas and new ways by enjoying a cup of coffee with fresh, delicious baked goods made daily that will not disappoint.

And ...

When it comes to food, our goal is to provide a great experience for those looking for a change. At the end of the journey, we want people to say, “Only from HillsviewCafe” and in Milton Ontario. That’s the kind of pride we stand for with our products. We are new in Milton, driven to make great food, driven to offer great products that we can deliver to our customers saving time and money. Products we offer ? - Asian grocery items, baking tools, books and more. Services we offer ? – Café pastries, home delivery, Special occasion requests. Our Mission  – Contributing to the community, saving our customers time & money, and providing great food to everyone. What we stand for? – We stand for quality, a healthy conscience minded, and a strong vibrant community.


When did it all begin? For years I have been thinking to make something extraordinary in a way that touches peoples lives and help them fulfill their curiosity about fusion food. First, let me tell you the story of how we came up with our name “HillsviewCafe”. One day while driving home from work thinking about the business I have always wanted to have; a beautiful Café that would symbolize what we stood for when it comes to our love of food. A place inviting for people to sit down for a coffee, have a great conversation in a comfortable place while eating tasty pastries and foods. As I was driving wrapped up in my happy dream I ended up missing my turn home. Normally I would have turned around and made my way back, instead this time I decided to keep going. I had never explored beyond that turn on the road, but something made me drive on.

Something inside me wanted to see more, see the peace of the countryside that still had not been developed yet. It was on that day that I drove into Milton and saw the beauty of the green farms surrounded by fields and trees. It was a soothing drive and I felt lost in wonderland. Then I saw the escarpment. Not a mountain but an enchanting view of a stretch earth and rock rising covered in trees with a few homes upon the hill. My first thought was of the incredible view those homes must have overlooking the farms and country side below. I wasn’t quite sure where I was, but I saw a sign that said, Kelso. I thought to myself that I wanted to go to the top.


I wanted to stand there with my family and enjoy the breathtaking hills view. I wanted to have my little café either at the top looking across the land from the hills view or at the bottom look up at the hill and its glorious tree covered top.  That’s when it hit me, the idea to name our business the HillsviewCafe. I imagined looking at the view of Kelso every morning, sipping our favorite coffee, the smell of fresh baked goods and the peace found in that view. It was a breath-taking experience that has remained with me till this day.

That’s when I decided I need to start my business, I wanted other people to feel the euphoria and peacefulness that one day would be the HillsviewCafe. I wanted people to join me in my journey exploring wonderful food and the curiosity that comes from discoveries in great taste.


We are currently operating as an online store providing both goods and services to the Filipino community as well as those curious foodies looking to satisfy their new tastes the from the other side of the world. HillsviewCafe will be opening a retail location soon, in the meantime check out our online store catalog for more details about the goods and services we offer and how to order them. Updates on our new location will be posted on our website.

Q & A:

What do you think about your competition and why you should acknowledge them in your website?

My answer is ‘Why Not?”. I am a big believer in making a difference for the better and these people are making a difference in the community, for themselves, and their families. Treat your competitors with the respect they deserve. Remember, what goes around comes around. If you happen to visit one of the Filipino stores around Milton, Check it out! Try their food, sample what they have to offer and discover great flavors from across the globe.

When will the store be available to the public?

Our first store will be opening in 2019. Follow us online as we will be updating our website with more information and dates. Currently, our online grocery store is open and ready to serve you. Our catalog is expanding. If you need a product that’s not listed, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 905-875-1500 or email us at info@hillsviewcafe.com and one of our friendly staff will be able to help you.

Do we offer sales?

Yes, we do. Check out our website, there are always sales on our great products every week. Busy schedule? Need to know because you are on the go, no worries sign up to be added to the email list and never miss an opportunity to save.